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We are a boutique human capital recruiting agency that work with employers to find best Talent specializing in Manufacturing, Construction & Oil and gas sectors within Canada. Let us know your hiring need and we'll find a solution.

Grow Your Vision

We are a permanent placement agency that works with employers to find Best Talent specializing in Manufacturing, Construction & Oil and gas sectors within Canada. 

We work with small, midsize and large organizations to help and support finding their next “Best Talent”. 

Our Core expertise and niche is Skilled Trades; Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Plant Managers, Production Supervisors.

We are experts at what we do - Hiring “Best Talent”. 

Our team is qualified and experienced in recruiting and has worked with companies such as  Enterprise Rent a car, Home Depot, Habitat for Humanity, and Owens Corning, recruiting for various managerial and skilled trades roles. 

What we realized quickly is that hiring great qualified candidates and manpower is crucial to any business. We have also noticed that most companies take great care of customers and don’t spend enough time to hire great candidates and or keep them engaged throughout the employee life cycle or utilize resources that are available that can support them with this challenge. What is missed in realizing is how much a bad hire can cost; a company’s goodwill, time, productivity, or employee morale.

We are driven and motivated to identify business recruitment needs and provide a strategy to help employers find and retain “Best Talent” and be successful at what they do and grow and scale their profits!

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Call us: 780-920-3420 or 1-780-920-3420 (Out of Edmonton)

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